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KVBC NextGen Conference 2017

Youth ministry is challenging! What if you could be equipped to handle the Bible well and learn how to teach it to others in your youth group?

KVBC NextGen is an annual conference that seeks to do just that. Through talks, seminars and small group sessions, you will learn:

  • How to read the Bible for yourselves
  • How to prepare a Bible study for your group
  • A model of faithful Bible preaching
  • Practical skills for ministry such as 'The personal life of a leader' and '1-to-1 ministry'
Who is it for?
KVBC NextGen targets youth leaders (children, teens, campus) between the ages of 18 to 35. If you are part of a ministry team at church or in a Christian organisation, we encourage you to bring your team to learn together at KVBC NextGen!

When & where?
The conference is a 4 day, 3 night stay-in conference held over the Hari Raya holidays so as to maximise opportunities for modelling and training in skills, knowledge and character.

What happens at KVBC NextGen Conference?
Training groups are at the heart of KVBC Next Gen.

You will be placed in a small group where you will be taught a model to help you understand and teach the Bible.

The training groups are:
Year 1 - Strand 1 : Biblical Exegesis

You will learn a model that will enable you to understand and teach a passage faithfully and confidently. You'll learn the importance of the Big Idea and get to write your own Bible study from a New Testament passage.

Year 2 - Strand 2 : Biblical Theology
(required to have completed Strand 1)

You will build upon the model you learnt from Year 1, but this time the focus will be the Old Testament, specifically Biblical Theology. You will learn how to understand and teach an Old Testament passage, in light of Christ, and applying it today.

Year 3 - Strand 3 : Systematic Theology
(required to have completed Strands 1 & 2)

You will build upon the model from Years 1 & 2, but this time the focus is learning how to think theologically. You will learn how to understand and teach any topic in a gospel-centred way.
There are also many opportunities for fellowship, encouragement and bonding with delegates from various churches. It’s an experience not to be missed!
Date: 26–29 (Mon to Thu) June 2017
Venue: YMCA, Ipoh, Perak

Past Conference: