KVBC NextGen is a training conference for next generation leaders in children, teen and campus ministries. It seeks to better equip them in teaching the gospel and discipling new leaders. If you are between 18 and 35 and part of a ministry team at church or a Christian organisation, this is THE conference for you and your team!

KVBC新一代培训(NextGen Mandarin)是一个为儿童,青少年及校园事工新一代的领袖们所办的培训会议。培训会的目的是让领袖们在教导福音及为新领袖提供门徒训练时有更好的装备。若你的年龄是介于18至35岁,而且已参与教会事工或基督教机构服事-这就是为你和你的团队而设的培训会议!

Past Conference: