CEP Course

The CEP Course seeks to train and equip faithful expositors of God’s Word for local churches and gospel ministries.

Most churches recognise that effective faithful preaching and teaching of God’s Word occupies a central role in the local church. Yet many also readily acknowledge that, while leadership and ministry training programs abound, intentional training and nurturing of preachers and teachers who can rightly and effectively handle the Word remains one of the most pressing needs in the local church.

The CEP Course addresses this gap by focusing specifically on expository preaching. Through a combination of classroom instruction, model expositions, and extensive hands-on exercises in small groups, the CEP Course will teach and model six core principles of expository preaching (adopted from Charles Simeon Trust):
  1. Staying on the line of Scripture, never straying above or below
  2. Letting the Bible shape our frameworks rather than letting our frameworks shape our ‘interpretations’ of the Bible.
  3. Teaching the emphasis of our text well by first apprehending the structure.
  4. Understanding how the original audience understood a text in order to know how it applies today.
  5. Understanding the whole book in order to better handle each specific text.
  6. Showing the Gospel at every point in order to teach the Bible as Christians.
The CEP Course is designed to serve men and women from different denominations, ethnic groups, ages and academic backgrounds. Our primary focus is to equip those who preach regularly, though we believe the Course will benefit anyone with responsibilities in imparting the Word in various contexts, including women’s ministry workers, youth and children’s workers, campus ministry leaders, etc.

No prior theological education is necessary, except perhaps a good command of written and spoken English and a firm commitment to the trustworthiness and sufficiency of Scripture for ministry and godliness.

This course is an ideal preparatory course for those preparing to pursue full-time theological education. It can also serve as refresher training for those in regular preaching and teaching ministries.

Foundations of Preaching Fundamentals of Expository Preaching 16 lessons, 24 hours
Gobbets 8 sessions, 12 hours
Preaching Biblical Genres: New Testament Preaching Gospels and Acts, Epistles, Apocalyptic 16 lessons, 24 hours
Gobbets 8 sessions, 12 hours
Preaching Biblical Genres: Old Testament Preaching Law, Narratice, Wisdom and Prophets 16 lessons, 24 hours
Gobbets 8 sessions, 12 hours
Theology and Preaching Biblical Theology & Preaching 8 lessons, 12 hours
Systematic Theology & Preaching 8 lessons, 12 hours
Gobbets 8 lessons, 12 hours
Each module requires a weekly commitment of about 10 hours of contact time and another 8-10 hours of preparation time.

In addition to the weekly classes, each module also includes:
  • A residential preaching workshop (3 days/2 nights) at the commencement of each module.
  • Weekly expositions from guests and students.
  • Small group prayer and fellowship meals.
  • Occasional seminars on preaching and related issues.
Other than the Foundations of Preaching module which is a prerequisite for all the other modules, students can choose the order in which the modules are undertaken. Students can expect to take a minimum of 2 years to complete the course but have up to 6 years to complete the course.
*Gobbets are small group sessions during which each student is required to present the big idea and aim of a pre-assigned Bible passage. We adopted this from the PT Cornhill Course [www.proctrust.org.uk/cornhill].
Students will be required to submit reading reports on set readings, talk outlines, and prepare presentations in class and gobbets. There is no exam for this course.

The cost for each module is RM600, payable prior to commencing each module. This cost includes printed materials, but excludes CEP Workshops, the cost of which varies depending on whether you are residential or in-house. There is also an initial one-off registration fee of RM50.

The CEP Course is led by CEP Principal, Rev Tan Kay Hoe, and assisted by visiting speakers from Malaysia and overseas specialised in the topics under study.

Apart from the residential preaching workshop, the weekly classes will be held at the CEP CENTRE, SS2 Petaling Jaya.
Please note you will need to furnish three persons who are willing to provide a reference for you in support of your application. One referee should be your senior minister or a member of the senior pastoral staff at your present church. Another should be your current employer/line manager or course supervisor. Please do not include family members as referees.

Upon acceptance to the CEP Course, you will need to effect payment of your course fee and the registration fee of RM50 (first time registrations), prior to commencement of the course.

For further information or for clarification, please contact us at:

tel: +603 7496 5835
email: info@kvbctrust.org

SCHEDULE FOR 2017-2018
The following is the schedule for 2017-2018 (subject to minor changes).
WEEK Preaching Biblical Genres: Old Testament 2017 Preaching Biblical Genres: New Testament 2017 Theology and Preaching 2018 Foundations of Preaching 2018
Residential Workshop March 2-4 Residential Workshop September 14-16 Residential Workshop March 1-3 Residential Workshop September 13-15
1 March 9-10 September 21-22 March 8-9 September 20-21
2 March 16-17 September 28-29 March 15-16 September 27-28
3 March 23-24 October 5-6 March 22-23 October 4-5
4 March 30-31 October 12-13 March 29-30
March 30: Good Friday
October 11-12
5 April 6-7 October 19-20 April 5-6 October 18-19
6 April 13-14
April 14: Good Friday
October 26-27 April 12-13 October 25-26
7 April 20-21 November 2-3 April 19-20 November 1-2
8 April 27-28 November 9-10 May 3-4 November 8-9
9 May 11-12 November 16-17 May 10-11 November 15-16
10 May 18-19 November 23-24 May 17-18 November 22-25
The following is the schedule for 2017 (subject to minor changes).
March 2 to April 27, 2017
March 2-4 CEP Residential Workshop at Methodist Centre, Port Dickson
March 9 1. What & Why of Expository Preaching
2. From Text to Sermon 1
March 16 3. Biblical Patterns
4. From Text to Sermon 2
March 23 5. The Theology of Preaching
6. From Text to Sermon 3
March 30 7. Biblical Theology and Preaching
8. Applications
April 6 9. Illustrations
10. Expressing the Passion of the Text
April 13 11. How Does a Preacher Develop
12. Contemporary Challenges
April 20 13. Worldviews
14. Preaching on Special Occasions
April 27 15. The Character of The Preacher
16. Persevering in Preaching

September 21 to November 9, 2017
September 14-16 CEP Residential Workshop at CEP Centre, Petaling Jaya
September 21 1. Apostolic preaching
2. Introduction to preaching the Gospels
September 28 3. Finding the structure in Gospels
4. Preaching parables
October 5 5. Preaching Acts 1
6. Preaching Acts 2
October 12 7. Apostolic Preaching
8. Rhetoric in preaching
October 19 9. Preaching Epistles
10. Finding the structure in the Epistles
October 26 11. Preaching Romans 1
12. Preaching Romans 2
November 2 13. Preaching Apocalyptic 1
14. Preaching Apocalyptic 2
November 9 15. TBA
16. TBA


The CEP is such a positive initiative, this can only lead to the further strengthening of the church in Malaysia. As a frequent visitor to your country, I am delighted to be associated with such a ministry and a fine faculty both from Malaysia and overseas. Here is a work worthy of wholehearted support.
Rt Rev David Cook Former Principal, Sydney Missionary and Bible College

I warmly recommend the CEP Course for anyone wanting to handle God’s word accurately and relevantly for contemporary times. In an age when the preaching of God’s word is weak, where heresies abound and ignorance of the Bible grows, more than ever the church in Malaysia needs stronger biblical preaching and people who can teach and preach the Bible well. The church grows deeply under the word, and more than ever the need is there to preach well.
Rev Dr Paul Barker Langham Preaching Asia

It has been my privilege to follow closely the development of CEP and to say that I am glad it has now come to fruition would be an understatement. I am very gratified and grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ that at long last we have a centre locally for the specific purpose of training preachers of the infallible Word of God. I heartily commend those who have been involved in its formation, and recommend it to all who have been called to preach God’s Word. Its balanced curriculum of biblical-theological-practical emphases and its wider connections via KVBC’s legacy of promoting expository preaching, stand it in good stead to meet our need for training preachers who can rightly handle God’s Word in our day.
Rev Dr Ong Meng-Chai Seminary Theology Malaysia