About KVBC Trust

KVBC Trust (formerly Kuala Lumpur Christian Conference) was formed in 1997 with a single purpose: to encourage godliness through expository Bible teaching.

In 1999, KVBC Trust together with Evangel Book Centre organised the first Klang Valley Bible Conference (KVBC). This conference has since become an annual platform for faithful Bible exposition, featuring gifted servants of the Word from around the world such as D.A. Carson, David Cook, David Jackman, Bryan Chapell, Michael Raiter and John Woodhouse. Expository Preaching Seminar (EPS) was later introduced in conjunction with the annual conference to further equip pastors, preachers and leaders in their teaching ministries.

KVBC Trust ministries can be grouped under three categories:

KVBC Conferences

Bible conferences and training seminars characterised by a robust commitment to expound the whole Bible in the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Centre for Expository Preaching, CEP

Preaching courses, seminars and preaching groups to help practitioners sharpen their Bible handling and preaching skills.

KVBC NextGen

NextGen is focused on youth leaders, to better equip them in living the Christian life, teaching the gospel, and in bringing up leaders of their generation.

Milestones in KVBC Trust ministries

1997 Kuala Lumpur Christian Conference (KLCC) was formed to organise residential Bible camps.
1999 Co-organised the inaugural Klang Valley Bible Conference with Evangel Book Centre.
2001 Started Expository Preaching Seminar (EPS) in response to request to provide training in expository preaching.
2009 Introduced EPS to Ipoh and Penang.
2010 Launched Penang Bible Conference. Organised 2-day residential Bible Camp in Ipoh. Co-organised first Klang Valley Pastors Seminar with Equip Gospel Ministries.
2013 KLCC renamed KVBC Trust.
2014 Launched KVBC NextGen Conference, an initiative that focuses on equipping next generation leaders.
2016 Launch of Centre for Expository Preaching (CEP).